Prompting of Grace

When someone is troubled, you may shy away from them.  It’s easy to think that engaging them will impose a heavy burden on your time and energy.  But if the Lord is the one directing your conversation, He can do amazing things in a short while.  Sure, there are times when love demands many hours of care, but often times a few words, a listening ear, or a gentle smile will do more for a person in need than you could ever imagine 


Listen to Divine Voice

God often calls you to do far more than you could ever imagine doing on your own.  If you are attentive to His clear gentle Voice, and if you heed His commands, you will begin to discover that the Lord will do amazing things through your life.  They may not be extraordinarily public and noticeable by all, but they will be far more than you ever thought possible.  Do not be amazed at God’s Will for your life and do not hesitate to believe what He calls you to do.  Say “Yes” and leave the rest to Him.

Getting betrayed is hard to bear.


When people cross on our lives as blessings it’s a truly a blessed moment in our lives to celebrate.

But be alert because in an unexpected time they will betray you and abandon  you  by making you fall into a suffer that will never even think of bearing.

Forgiving people what they do to us  is not easy but we  will do that with much effort. But it will not easy to forget the pain that they give by betraying us.
That wound is really hard to bear, It pains a lot, it will make our state miserable.

Will get heal someday and will move in our lives but the scar that kept in our lives will be with us till we vacate this world to go to eternal rest.

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Walking in the period of lent is a challenge to my life

Lent is not just about giving things up. Lent is about doing something bold.  following God’s words is a challenging journey. It’s not easy. It’s the hardest thing we go on in this earthly life.

During this season of lent God wants us to turn our lives up side down. If we let God to do that,we can be happier than we can ever imagined was possible. We won’t just be happy by doing it we will have joy. This is what God does when we let him take the full control in our lives. He radically transform the lives of the people he encounters, by rearranging their priorities but we are afraid of that transformation in our lives so we deeply avoid personal encounter with God.

I have discovered this lent that doing God’s will is a constant battle. One that I am not always up for. I have to begin again over and over. Only through my constant appeal for His grace, I can be succeed.

Words give hopes


A word is like a mustard seed,when it’s said to someone, it’s just a word. But once it’s sown, it’s springs up and become a hope and puts forth strong expectations,we start waiting for it to become true. When you use words becareful, it can give hope to the other.. When you want to take that word back you will try, but you will never be able to destroy the hope that was sown. We build up with God’s words, so we too have a special place for our words.

In one gloomy day..


In one gloomy day,
I heard the hardest thing,
that i ever heard in my life.
I never knew ,it will change my life this much.

Day by day time passed,
Still i couldnt find my way back where i was.
It was like a dream ,I never ever want to dreamed of.

From morning to night, i am waiting for you,
By knowing that i will never hear from you,
Though its hard ,i still manage myself,
By thinkning one day i will come out of it.

I am doing my best to give him peace,
By taking all my senses away.
Though its hard, i feel comfort,
By thinking he will have peace in his life.

I gave some thing precious
To whom i loved,
Its not only words
I just expressed.

I gave him my life
And everything i can,
But on my way i lost everything,
Its a tragedy in my life.

One thing is clear,
I will tell you that my dear,
I will never change what i said,
Till my God call me to him,
To be with him forever.

Let go of the past and get a new beginning.


It’s easy for us to feel  “something needs to change” in our lives, when life gets stressful and we’re overwhelmed. So what do we do when we need a change in life,yet we don’t do anything about it.

We know something needs to change but we get stuck in procrastination or a passive mode, waiting for someone else to do what we need to do. Some people get angry,some have a victim mentality and blame others for their mess,some get depressed.

During these type of hard times,we need to get stirred up with detamination that comes from the Holy Spirit in us and declare “I am going to do what I can do to change this ”  we are partners of God; this means he has a part and we have a part. And simple truth is if we will do what we can do, God will do what we cannot do.

How do we change –
God doesn’t expect us to change on our  own, He is the power source and gives us the grace and strength we need to do what is right and make changes in our lives. We always hear the truth in God’s word and we’re convicted by it. It’s the word that shows us who we are and reveals the sin in our lives. We have to realise what we are doing wrong before we know what needs to change and how.

We have to repent for our sin , being repentant means we are sincerely sorry and willing to turn away from it.we have to study the word in the areas we need to change. There is power in God’s word to bring change to our souls.

Change is a process, and it’s often a lengthy one. It usually doesn’t happen over night, but If we are detarmined to trust God and obey his word, He will be faithful to give us the grace and strength we need to do what we can do and experience the changes He has for us. We must not get stuck in our past mourning for things we can’t change or get back.